Beauty Queen Fired Over Tarot And Reiki

Or How Reiki Became “The Dark Side”… Sometimes one wonders what it must have felt to live in the old times. You know – bigotry, primitivism, “our beliefs are right and the rest of the…


Unexplained Fires of Canneto Di Caronia

Canneto Di Caronia, a small village on Italian island of Sicily received a lot of media attention some time ago. In January 2004 about 180 household appliances caught fire without any apparent cause. Italian government…



Photo: Colin Evans Levitating in 1938. Levitation is a word that came into English probably around 1870es from spiritistic circles. They coined the term from latin word levitas meaning “lightness” to denote the feeling when…


A Haunted Swing in Firmat, Argentina?

Firmat, a quiet city in Argentina has recently come under media spotlight and gathered quite a following on YouTube. A swing on the children’s playground started swinging on its own as we can see in…


Teacher In Trouble Over Faust Opera

We all believe that witch hunts are a thing of the past and can not really happen in our time. In fact, they only happen in different shape and form. In 2006 it happened to…



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