Spirit of Killed Priest Scares Kids

Photo copyright: http://24sata.hr Newspapaers in Croatia are reporting that 23 kids in a small Croatian town of Generalski Stol saw a ghost of their tragically deceased priest.


Qigong Pyrokinesis On Thermal Camera?

Here is another video reportedly showing pyrokinesis in action. This time it is also caught on thermal camera. The generation of heat in this case is only a side-effect of a healing procedure performed by…


Harry Potter Parody Comic

I stumbled upon this cute piece of parody making fun of Harry Potter. Not sure how the hard-core fans will take this, but for anyone interested – just click on the image to enlarge it…


Pyrokinesis – Mind Controling The Fire

Pyrokinesis is a word coined from Greek words πυρ (pyr – fire), and κίνησις (kinesis – motion). It describes the ability to create, control and manipulate heat or fire. It was never scientifically proven, but…


21 Grams – Weight Of The Soul?

Photo by:costi These days the term “21 grams” is a part of popular culture. Holywood even made a movie with that title. Some people quote as “scientific fact” that “scientists measured people losing 21 grams…


Damanhur – Once Secret Underground Temple

It was 1991 when police, acting on the tip from the suspicious villagers in Italian valley of Valchiusella, knocked on the door of Oberto Airaudi over an alleged tax evasion. They found nothing. It was…



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