Illustrated History Of Baphomet

Baphomet is a part of popular culture today. You can buy figures and pendants with it. It is impossible to go to any heavy metal concert without seeing people who wear it on the necklace….


Happy Friday the 13th !

Image credit: DesktopNexus As anyone who hasn’t spent the last 2,000 years on Mars, in a cave, under the rock, with fingers in their ears already knows, Friday the 13th has a long history of…


About OccultCenter.Com – Meet The Host

The world is a place that still holds unexplored phenomena. On one side there is the blind skepticism calling everything paranormal a fraud or lunacy. On the other side is the blind faith and superstition…


Creature crossing the road caught on video

As the cameras became progressively cheaper and more ubiquitous, many enthusiasts of paranormal and cryptozoology were expecting major advances in their fields of interest. Now there would be photos and videos for people to show…


Dog Senses Earthquake – Video

We have all heard of animals being able to sense earthquakes before they occur. Here is a video of a dog at a local news station at Arcata, CA who sensed something seconds before the…



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