Reincarnation – James Leininger Case

James Leininger and Anne Barron. Photo copyright: Soul Survivor website Reincarnation is a word coined from Latin prefix “re” meaning “to repeat”, and “carnis” – flesh. It is a belief that after the death of…


Qigong Pyrokinesis On Thermal Camera?

Here is another video reportedly showing pyrokinesis in action. This time it is also caught on thermal camera. The generation of heat in this case is only a side-effect of a healing procedure performed by…


Pyrokinesis – Mind Controling The Fire

Pyrokinesis is a word coined from Greek words πυρ (pyr – fire), and κίνησις (kinesis – motion). It describes the ability to create, control and manipulate heat or fire. It was never scientifically proven, but…



Photo: Colin Evans Levitating in 1938. Levitation is a word that came into English probably around 1870es from spiritistic circles. They coined the term from latin word levitas meaning “lightness” to denote the feeling when…


A Haunted Swing in Firmat, Argentina?

Firmat, a quiet city in Argentina has recently come under media spotlight and gathered quite a following on YouTube. A swing on the children’s playground started swinging on its own as we can see in…



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