Sleepover parties games (for Halloween)

Ah, the sleepover parties! Ah, the youth :)

Ask anyone and they will tell you that the sleepovers was one of their dearest memories from their school days. And the college days too (oh, common we were still kids at that point,and we know it ). So, now to remind us, and to give idea or two to the others, here we go:


1. Light as a feather, stiff as a board

We know how it goes, don’t we? Usually it is a chant “Light as a feather, stiff as a board”. The two fingers under he knee and back and lift them.



And there is a different version with sitting one in the chairs and then lift them.




2: Hexagradior – love spells and death spells

You might have seen that lot of people keep their hands like this:


They are sensing the Chi (AKA Ether or Prana). Just try it. Keep your palms next to them. Within a minute or two you will feel a push in you palms. No, you are not imagining. It is the Chi. The life energy. But then the book called Hexagradior came around in nineteen-thirties (and new edition).  It tells you how to develop that chi to use it for love spells or death spells. Oh, common. Everyone has someone special in their memories and will wonder. What if…


Yes, we know. You googled for “death spells” about your khm, khm “the problem”.

We don’t have them here. You need the book called”Hexagradior”. It’s on Amazon.


Moving on.


3. Truth or dare

Spin the bottle and the who ever it points to gets a question: truth or dare?


Either way it will embarrassing.

Just saying…


4. Ouija. Get possessed!


Just kidding. And everyone has trying and they are fine. Just thing about it. The Ouija sold for more than 100 millions. Surely, you would expect to see at least one person who is possessed. But you didn’t. Did you ever seen someone who is possessed? Just have fun :)





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