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Photo credit: Aleksandar Davinic
Seven year old Bogdan Ivkovic from Vlasotinac, Serbia sparked a wave of viral videos lately owing to his ability to attract objects like a magnet.
While most websites just comment on the contents of the videos of Bogdan, OccultCenter.Com brings you a more complete story thanks to our buddies from that part of the world.



His mother Svetlana noticed that things were not quite usual with Bogdan back when he was a baby.

“I was worried that something could happen to the child. I would feed him and drop the spoon, but it held on to his body. Pacifiers would never fall to the ground”she says.

She only shared this with the boys father Slavisa recently and then they kept it hush for a while worried about attracting unwanted attention.
Svetlana started experiencing epileptic seizures during her pregnancy, as she was expecting Bogdan, and the condition continued after his birth. What changed things around was the event when she had a seizure starting with headaches and Bogdan placed his hands on Svetlana’s head. Within a minute the symptomes went away and she stopped taking her medications since early February 2011.
This caused a surge of people from all over Serbia who suffer from epilepsy inquiring if the boy could try to do the same for them.
However, what really sparked things off was the video of the Serbian TV where the boy is shown as the spoons, porcelain plates and approximately 5.5 pounds / 2.5 kilogram pan stick to him. Serbian reporter mentions the “almost 2.5 kilo” weight of the pan in the video below, but the cutest moment in the video, we are told, is when the reporter puts the cuttlery on the boy’s chest and asks:
Reporter: How do you feel? Normally?
Bogdan : Well.. chilly.

His talent does not stop at his magnetic abilities. His presence causes the TV to change channels, computer breakdowns and mobile phone reception problems.
Our regular readers might remember that this same or similar set of abilities was already reported with Bogdans compatriot Jelena Momcilov – Magnet Girl From Serbia.
Bogdan’s parents took him to the doctor to make sure that all is OK with his health. Doctor assured them that all is fine but warned against sending him to magnetic resonance. Not because of the kid but because the machine could break down.
The video concludes with the reporter’s conclusion that the boy really lives up to his name “Bogdan” (Serbian for God-given).
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