Reversed Soundtrack: Jonas Brothers Sing Satanic Song

Anyone remember 80es?
Back then the record players like the one above made it really easy for anyone to turn any given record backwards and search for “hidden messages” recorded backwards in the songs.
Countless and baseless rumors of secret Satanic messages in different songs were all the rage back then. Comedy “Little Nicky” with Adam Sandler made fun of that as Sandler, playing the misfit son of the Devil comes to Earth and shows his buddies secret messages on some really tame record.
With the arrival of MP3 players the record players were being consigned to the pages of history. They’ve become something that only occasionally springs up on garage sales and small kids ask their parents what was that used for. I already thought that this whole thing with backwards playing “secret messages” would end up being just an interesting side note next to the record players being displayed on the shelfs of the museums.



And then a blast from the past brings those stories to life. Somehow, don’t ask me how or why, someone reversed the sound of the Jonas Brothers’ song “Kinds of the future”, noticed that it sounds like
“I speak for Satan. Satan, Satan.”
and the next thing you know the thing ended up on YouTube. The video isn’t new, but it’s a late bloomer (1 year old video, 32,000 views) and is only now getting more attention.
Have a look and judge for yourself.

If you would like to compare it with the original, here it is:

If you would like to know more about similar reversed soundtracks, you can check out the wikipedia page on Backmasking which is the industry term for backwards recording of the sound.
Over there you can read more about the known cases of backmasking. For example the Heavy Metal band Slayer used it in their song “Hell Awaits”. The sound recorded backwards (and thus only understandable if you play it backwards) is a voice saying “Join us”. You can hear it over here
Examples go on. A band “Cradle of Filth” recorded a song called “Dinner at Deviant’s Palace” with a reversed reading of the Lord’s Prayer.
You can see a whole list of such backmasked messages here:


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