The Antichrist Manuscript Made Public By Bavarian Library

The year 2012 and “end times” are a hot topic these days. I was a bit surprised that despite all that atmostphere one small event went by completely unnoticed, so I am making a post about it to give the fans of this sort of stuff a little candy to look at. Bavarian State Library published on their servers manuscript Cgm 426, simply labeled as “Antichrist-Bildertext” which is German for “Antichrist Illustrated Text”. It is a 15th century illustrated manuscript containing prophecies about the end times of the Earth.



To be more precise, it is one of the manuscripts that were named “Sibyllen Weissagung” (Sibylline Prophecies) in German history. It contains the history from the creation of the Earth to the arrival of the Antichrist and the world’s end. In this particular manuscript all that fits into 174 pages, including the book covers and the museum copyright notices.
This is a typical characteristic of the old books. They were mostly short. If you refer to a previous post Manuscript of 17th century Clavicula Salomonis for download you will notice that the entire Key of Solomon manuscript, together with the covers has 82 pages. If you check it on Amazon these days you will find editions of the Key of Solomon that have over 400 pages.
Another case in point would be the Periplus of the Erythraean_Sea. It is a book from approx 1st century AD that describes sailing and trade from Roman Egypt to India. All in 66 paragraphs. Now check the map of the world (or Google Earth) and you will see that we are talking about 2,500 miles “as the crow flies” distance. When you are sailing (like in those days) you are talking about at least 3,000 miles. And they made it all fit into 66 paragraphs.
In the old times people didn’t waste words. Whatever they had to say and write was short and to the point. This manuscript is from that old school of writing. It begins with God creating the world, Adam and Eve (Image at the start of the article).
It continues with the standard Bible version of the history of the world. Here we see the Noah’s ark:
But the really interesting part comes towards the end of the manuscript when it starts depicting Antichrist and the events leading to the end of the world. Here we see him demonstrating his power by raining fire from heaven (Antichrist is the guy on the far left).
And here is the famous scene of the Antichrist putting a sign on people’s foreheads and right hands.
“Hye haist der endcrist die juden zaichen an der stiren und in der rechten hand…”
The manuscript continues with 15 signs of the end times. Here we see a depiction of the 12th sign; stars are falling and all animals are gathering.
You can see the rest for yourself on the Bavarian State Library website. The PDF is a free download.
A) Sign #15 is that Heaven, Earth and the people are reborn
B) The year 2012 is not mentioned in the manuscript


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