Scientist Says: "Some Paranormal Events Appear To Be True"


“I do not believe in life after death. I believe that most things labeled as ‘paranormal’ are simply delusions, hoaxes or the result of drunkenness or drug-taking. Having said that, my results show that at least one part of the paranormal, which relates to the noises produced by ghosts and poltergeists, appears to be true. They are most definitely not human or natural.”



These are the words of Dr Barrie Colvin, a scientist who has spent five years analyzing the sounds associated with the poltergeist phenomena. His research concentrated exclusively on the sounds occurring in places reputed to be haunted. What he discovered is that the waveforms of such sounds are different from the sounds produced by humans, animals or anything else in the physical world.Barrie_Colvin.jpg

Dr Barrie Colvin

He concluded: “The sounds produced by ‘ghosts’ during hauntings are paranormal. Their acoustic waveforms are completely different. I can’t find a conventional explanation for my results at all. Nor can any of the other scientists who’ve reviewed my work. To be honest, we’re all completely stumped. We did not expect to find these results.”
Professor Chris French, editor of The Skeptic magazine sees it this way: “Just because we cannot explain these phenomena does not mean that ghosts are the souls of the dead or even that something paranormal is occurring,” says Professor French.
For a while now there has been a discussion whether or not the whole debate about supernatural / paranormal supporters and skeptics is actually an issue of semantics. The above statement of Professor French illustrates this perfectly. He agrees that there are genuine occurrences that science can’t explain, he agrees that they should be researched, but he disagrees with calling it paranormal. The supporters of the “paranormal theory” on the other hand simply want to prove and explain such occurrences, so the contested issue seems to be that word “paranormal” and all the subtext that it brings with it (life after death and so on).
One way or another, it should be noted that the editor of The Skeptic magazine admits that some occurrences out there are unexplained. The only question is what is causing them.
You can read more about this issue here.


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