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It seems that science came a step closer to understanding the sixth sense. People “resonate” with each other and we know it for a long time. Remember how when someone yawns, everyone around seems to be “infected” and starts yawning too? When someone is nervous people around him become a bit nervous too. Same goes for laughing etc. But it goes deeper than that and science now has a proof for it. When you are talking to someone, especially with someone you care about, your brain waves start to synchronize.



Neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford from University of Technology in Sydney conducted a five year study of interaction between people and how it affects their brain waves. The study has shown that two people can become physiologically aligned. In plain English, their brains will start adapting and will end up “ticking” in the same rhythm despite people having no physical contact with each another.
Sara Lal, senior lecturer in the university’s department of medical and molecular biosciences said: ‘It really is quite eerie when you see the traces on the screen start to match each other as they come into alignment,’
Psychotherapist Alan Meara, who was a Phd supervisor for the research added: ”This sixth sense isn’t something that is magical. It is something that the human brain is wired to do. The research shows that we do have the capacity to understand people at a deeper level than we normally do in general conversation.”
However, for this synchronization of the brain waves to occur people have to be genuinely interested in each other. Only then can this effect fully take place. This is where this effect starts to resemble paranormal research. For years the psychics and mediums claimed that they can’t fully use their abilities around all people but only around those who they feel as being positive. Now the science confirms that the brain waves of two people can synchronize only when talking to the people you care about – at least to a degree. It will not happen with someone you dislike, however everyone you talk to will affect your brain waves to a degree.
”My energy impacts with you just standing there,” says Trisha Stratford ”I am impacting your brain and body just by being here.”
We should also note that people noticed a synchronization between mechanical systems a long time ago. The first known scientific discussion of synchronization dates back to 1657 when Christian Huygens made the first pendulum clock. Clockmakers through centuries noticed that clocks in the same room, especially on the same wall or desk have the eerie tendency to start ticking in unison.
This happens faster if they are on a more flexible surface. Check out this video:

This is not magic. It is just a natural occurrence. Now science confirmed that human brain waves can also synchronize and we are left to wonder just how interconnected we all are with the world around us on levels that are not immediately obvious.
More about the research on the Sydney Morning Herald


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