Jelena Momcilov - Magnet Girl From Serbia

The media in the entire Balkans region are abuzz about Jelena Momcilov, a 10 year old girl from Zeljusa near Dimitrovgrad, Serbia. Objects stick to her as if she was a big magnet. Even though newspapers and websites refer to her as a “magnet girl”, she attracts plastics and wood as well as iron and aluminum.
Through our network of paranormal minded friends we had a peek into the media there and we bring you the digest.



It all started in 2004 when Jelena was watching a TV show with a girl who had the ability to attract objects. They would “stick”to her body as if both objects and the girl were magnetic. Curious, just like any other child, Jelena tried it and it worked for her as well.
She showed her abilities to her mother Slavica and father Venko. Their initial surprise turned into a worry that this type of play (Jelena definitely perceives this as a sort of a game) may have negative effects on her health. This concern soon dispersed because Jelena remained in good health despite attracting objects repeatedly just for fun.
Her father invited professor Pavle Premović from university of Nis who also teaches at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris to have a look. This visit resulted in a conclusion that more research is needed.
As usual in the case of magnetic people the guesses range from “this is from a suction cup effect” to “they have sticky sweat”.
In Jelena’s case these don’t seem likely. The above picture is from a Croatian newspaper Vecernji List and shows Jelena holding two cigarette lighters (never mind the pedagogy now). As you can see, someone already though of the “it’s a suction cup thing” and shot this photo. The two lighters meet (i.e. leave a hole) exactly in the middle of the palm.
Serbian magazine Trece Oko (Third Eye) sent a reporter to talk to the girl and her parents. They ruled out the sticky sweat theory too. When Jelena held a hand of Uros, a kid from the neighborhood, the objects were sticking to his hand as well. As soon as she lets go, the object falls off his hand. The reporter asked her to repeat this and she did. Three times.
One more piece of data in this puzzle is that radios and cell phones sometimes have reception problems around her as well.
She is not the only one. We already wrote about the magneto boy before in the article about Brenda Allison and the magneto boy
More pictures of magnetic Jelena over here
Here is a video of Jelena Momcilov from Serbian “TV Pink”:

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