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Literally every text about baphomet and quite a few articles and books about imagery in occult refer to the “Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum” written by Austrian Baron Joseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall in the early eighteen-hundreds. Almost as soon as it was published it raised a lot of controversy. Today most texts you can read about it portray it negatively. Wikipedia describes it as “elaborate pseudohistory constructed to discredit the Freemasons”.
The blatant reality is that this book is very rare and most people who write about it never really saw it. They just quote others who quoted someone before them.



Occultcenter now presents the full text and illustrations of the “Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum” online so everyone interested can read it and make their opinion about it.
Caveat; this work is in Latin. It contains a lot (and I really mean a l o t of references in greek and arabic letters. Some Templar testimonies quoted there are in original French and German, so right from the start it becomes clear that this book was not written by some ignorant. This was written by a man who was familiar with 5 languages (Latin, German, French, Greek, Arabic). You don’t get a lot of authors like that these days. Consequently, not too many people can follow this text.
Still, for all the scholars out there, and for everyone who is still working on their Latin (and Occult community has a lot of people fitting this description) – this text is definitely an interesting reading.

Note: this is not a text written by an Occultist

Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum which is Latin for “The Mystery of Baphomet Revealed” was not published as a book in itself but merely as an essay in the Volume 6 of the series of books entitled “Fundgruben des Orients” (German: “Treasure Troves of the Orient”).
What follows after the essay is the short index of contents of the second part of the book including some poem from the Turkish poet Nedschati translated by Anton von Raab and other similar Orientalism material.
Anyone reading this work should bare in mind the fact that this entire book series was not intended for nor made by people interested in occult or paranormal. It was made by and for people interested in Orientlism; a study of all things oriental. Each of the books in the “Fundgruben des Orients” series had title pages in German, French and Arabic because they had international audience and contributors. Again – all people interested in Orientalism, not occult.
I keep emphasizing this fact that it was not written for or by an occultist because as soon as you start reading through Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum you are very quickly brought to the point of wondering why is there hardly a page without at least one case of linguistic stuff like “this word stems from this word and it has a root in that word”. And all that with words in Greek and Arabic script on most pages.
However, for those who want to actually see for themselves what the book says and make their own conclusions on whether all the negative reactions to this book were because it was really based on wrong facts, because it “hit the spot” or something in between – here is the legendary Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum:

Usage note: original PDF I made contained the images too, but some friends who reviewed it found that it is clumsy to read the text and then scroll to the end of the pdf to reference the illustration. It’s much more user-friendly to read the text in PDF and open the images in separate program so you can have both next to each other on your screen. Hence the images are separately downloadable.

Download here


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Update Aug 23 2011:

The entire volume 6 of the “Fundgruben des Orients” became available via Google Books at this URL:

Illustrations are ruined in that scan. The way they scanned it demonstrates their automatic approach to everything. All illustrations are on fold-out pages. Google guys scanned the illustrations with the pages folded in.

Just download the PDF and go to page 139 to see how it looks.


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