Brenda Alison - Magnet Woman

Image credit : Video Screenshot / Sun Magazine
The picture above is taken from a youtube video and it is really worth the proverbial thousand words. It shows Brenda Allison, a 50 y.o mother of one in a hardware store demonstrating for the camera how metal objects stick to her.



This is not her only skill or a problem if you will. Ever since her childhood, her mere presence would set off car alarms, messed up TV signal, blown out light bulbs and electronic watches.
In more recent times, she has been accoused of putting a voodoo curse on a cash register.
You can read more about her here
And here is a video of her and her magnetic talents:

Bonus – Meet The Magneto Boy

Brenda is not the only person to have a devastating effect on the electronics. Meet Joe Falciatano AKA The Magneto Boy.
He nearly failed his fifth-grade social studies class because his required PowerPoint project had problems as soon as he came close to the computer.
The fun doesn’t end there. Eventually his problems were solved by using a bracelet with a grounding pad, but until they came up with that … well, have a look for yourself:


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