Bible Fight - Flash Game

These days it is perfectly normal to make fun of things that previous generations wouldn’t even dream about laughing at. For example, final fight between Jesus and Satan. Do you think your grandparents would be making fun of it?
These days it is normal so this nice little flash game went completely unnoticed without any scandal or media attention. The game is called “Bible Fight”. It’s description says:




There is another, lost chapter to the Bible no one has ever read. A grand contest of strength has been organized by the Almighty and now the greatest icons from both Testaments must engage in ferocious, bloody battle to determine who is most worthy to earn a seat at the right hand of the Lord himself.
Bible Fight features a cast of Bible-school regulars. Bring down a rain of frogs on your enemies as Moses, or teach your enemies something about the sanctity of motherhood with the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Deception bomb toss. Play as both pre- and post-cross Jesus Christ of Nazareth, unleashing a holy fury of Cross Smashes, Crown of Thorns Tosses and Stigmata blasts. Noah, Adam and Eve and Satan round out the list of holy combatants, each with their own special powers and deadly moves.

Here is the link to it:
Bible Fight game
Tip: Type in “jehovah” in arcade mode to play with God (locked character).


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