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The world is a place that still holds unexplored phenomena.
On one side there is the blind skepticism calling everything paranormal a fraud or lunacy. On the other side is the blind faith and superstition that believes every conspiracy theory and spits three times upon a sight of a black cat.
Between them there is a whole world worthy of open-minded research.



This is where OccultCenter.com comes in. This website is a work of several enthusiasts who work in the IT branch but also have an interest in occult and paranormal. At the moment gathering around websites and research among enthusiasts seems to be the best course of action because mainstream scientists keep away from paranormal subjects. This is partly because scientists are usually intelligent enough to know what happened to those who researched too far ahead of the science of their time.

Scientists who got burned (one way or another)

Everyone heard of Giordano Bruno. In his time the accepted “science” said that God created the Earth as the center of the universe and everything revolves around it. Bruno claimed that Earth is revolving around the Sun. Inquisition burned him at the stake in 1600.
Everyone also heard of Galileo Galilei and his theory that the Earth orbits the Sun and not the other way around. He ended up being put on a trial, accused of heresy and ended up in a house arrest for life.
On February 15, 1990 Pope Benedict XVI, who at the time was still Cardinal Ratzinger, held a speech at “La Sapienza” (Wisdom) University in Rome in which he quoted Paul Feyerabend saying that this trial of Galileo was “rational and just”. Just think about that for a moment. Even when the man was proven to be correct there are still those who think that it was “rational and just” to imprison him for life because he said it.
Ignaz Semmelweis on the other hand is an example that never gained much fame. He was a medical doctor in the 19th century. In his time doctors would perform postmortem examinations and then come to deliver babies without washing their hands. Plastics and thus surgical gloves didn’t exist yet. Medical science didn’t know about the bacteria yet. In that environment if you tell someone not to touch dead people and then deliver babies without washing your hands first – that sounded like pure superstition. Poor Ignaz claimed that the number of child infections and deaths could be reduced if doctors washed their hands. At that time the science could not prove that bacteria are a cause of any given case of illness. Semmelweis was ridiculed, lost employment and ended up dying in a lunatic asylum.
Ever heard of Svante Arrhenius? he was ridiculed and almost lost his PHD because he claimed that electrolytes dissolved in water split off into positive and negative ions. Other scientists of his time called him nuts. Twenty years later the “nutcase” won Nobel prize.
Today people simply say that “they were ahead of their time”.
Examples go on and on. Here you can find a selection of over 20 scientists who were dismissed by science of their time and later proven correct.
If you visit that page, note the entry about Carl F.Gauss. He discovered the non-Euclidean geometry and kept silent about it for 30 years because he knew he would be ridiculed if he made it public.
Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in his notebooks that he doesn’t believe that the Earth is the center of the universe and that Sun is rotating around it. He also knew that this is contrary to what the church teaches and saying it out loud in his day and age would have been a health hazard. So he just kept that to himself written in his notebooks.
They were made public 400 years after his death and then the world realized just how smart Leonardo really was. Not only did he know that Earth is not the center of the universe but he also knew that he better keep it quiet.
Leonardo died of natural causes in 1519. In 1600 Giordano Bruno was burned alive for the claim that the Earth revolves around the Sun and that Church view of universe is wrong. In 1632 Galileo Galilei was sentenced to life imprisonment for the same. Leonardo knew it 100 years before them, wrote it down and kept silent about it.
It kind of makes you wonder how many other intelligent people are also keeping quiet because they “know what’s good for them”.
It also explains why the picture of “Index Librorum Prohibitorum” heads this article.

Let’s move from there … let’s talk…

OccultCenter.Com is here to spark interest and discussion on anything considered paranormal, supernatural or occult. Gathering a number of experiences, articles and researchers should help to crystallize some patterns and hopefully push things in the right way.

Meet the Host

Although this site is a work of several people, it is mostly your humble host that stands behind most of the articles and code of the site.
I don’t plan to reveal my name or picture because I don’t want to have someone show up at my door saying something like “ Dude I brought this cat so we can sacrifice it to < insert whatever deity > “.
This site is intended to be a discussion, cooperation and even entertaining platform, not a looney magnet. For interaction purposes, it is necessary to have some kind of a screen name, so I will just sign everything as
Danny Corso
Dean Corso’s baby brother :)
I like to mingle and I am always glad to hear from fellow Occult and Paranormal enthusiasts and everyone who wants to participate in the Occult and Esoteric Neighborhood Watch project.

Danny Corso

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