Creature crossing the road caught on video

As the cameras became progressively cheaper and more ubiquitous, many enthusiasts of paranormal and cryptozoology were expecting major advances in their fields of interest. Now there would be photos and videos for people to show everyone what they saw. World wouldn’t just have to “take their word for it”.
The reality is a bit different. The internet is full of photos and videos of all kinds, and people still can’t agree on what exactly they show. Armchair generals and heroes of the comment sections regularly just type in “it’s CGI” or “it’s just dust” simply because it’s cool to say so. Flying saucers can safely land in your back yard because if you catch it on video and post it – I guarantee that at least 10 “experts” will label it as a hoax, CGI etc.
Here is one such video. “Something was caught on the CCTV crossing a road” is the claim. CGI? Dog? Something third? Have a look and decide for yourself. Then look at other videos by the same poster and make your opinion again.




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