Video: "Ghost Hand" Pushes Beer Off The Table

We have all heard of cases where things get moved or knocked around the room without anyone touching them. Now one such event has been caught on CCTV camera. Sean Moore left his drink during the weekly quiz at the New Inn in Gloucester, UK.
Mark Cooke, 35, the proprietor of the bar said that he heard “stories” about the bar but was skeptical. However, he says “But the moving pint was something else. When I saw it on the CCTV it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. You just can’t explain it. The table’s dead steady, the floor’s not uneven, and no one’s near it.”
Like many things in England this bar is old. It’s from 14th century.
According to local legend, some children were killed in a fire at this place centuries ago. The corner where the beer was left is the place where their nanny used to watch over them from a rocking chair.
Lyn Cinderey from the “Gloucester Active Paranormal Society” was taking part in the quiz when the beer moved. She said: “I’ve been investigating this building for a long time and I’ve never known it so active.”



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