Women Can Cause Earthquakes - Theological Seismology Part 2

It wasn’t so long ago that we had an opportunity to hear Pat Robertson’s skillful explanation of the “real reasons” for the Haiti earthquake and now yet another cleric enters the arena of “Theological Seismology” with his interpretation of the real causes of the earthquakes.



Kazem Seddighi (on the picture above), the temporary Friday prayer leader of Tehran, on his sermon on the 16th of April said that “women who don’t have a suitable appearance” (meaning that cover-all ninja outfit called hijab) attract men and lead to the spreading of adultery and that – according to Seddighi – increases the risk of earthquakes.
He added “Even if there is an earthquake in Tehran, no one but God can deal with these calamities. We have to abstain from committing sin”.
You see, Iranian capital Teheran (where he preached) lies on a major seismological fault. Poor uninformed people may think that this has something to do with the increased risk of earthquakes and relatively frequent “shakes” in that city, but now Hojatoleslam (his official title) Seddighi enligthened us all about the real causes behind the earthquakes.
As always – enter the skeptics.
Jennifer McCreight started the Boobquake initiative.
The group already has over 70,000 “promiscuous” supporters and on Monday, April 26th they plan to wear exactly those “unsuitable appearance” clothes that are supposed to provoke earthquakes. This will put Seddighi’s claims to the scientific test.
So – there you go. Who says science has to be boring? If the world ends in a catastrophic quake on Monday 26th – now we know who is to blame.
Go Jennifer go :)
The Boobquake action went ahead as scheduled on April 26th 2010. An estimated 200,000 people participated and no significant earthquakes registered during or in a 24-hour period after the event anywhere in the world. One more end of the world gone by…
Jennifer McCreight participating in the Boobquake “experiment”


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