Quotes From Quran Appearing On Baby

Ali Yakubov, a nine month old boy has become somewhat of a celebrity in Dagestan, a republic in Russia.
Quotes from Quran started appearing on his skin. The first word that appeared was “Allah”. What soon followed was a succession of various quotes of Quran verses.



According to his mother, Madina Yakubova, the verses usually start appearing on Fridays and when they start appearing baby starts crying and suffers from fever.
Opinions about this differ. Some express opinion that this is just a case of Dermatographic urticaria. On the other hand, Imam of the local muslim community, Abdullah believes that it is a genuine miracle.
His view is supported by a large number of people who come to see the baby. You can see part of the atmosphere around this here:

Edit: video replaced with a more recent video in English. In the mean time the little Ali has gathered quite a reputation on youtube:



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