Australian catches shape-shifting orb on infrared cam

In the past times, if you said you saw orbs of light flying through your home, and on top of that they speak to each other, you would be considered a mental case. Some “skeptic” would perhaps “intelligently ” come to your place once or twice, saw nothing and concluded that if he can’t see anything, you must be either crazy or fraudster seeking attention.



Enter 21st century. People invented infrared camera and now if you have such problems – you can record them.
A 36 year old man from Perth, Australia claims a 12 year history (since 1996) of orbs keeping him an unwanted company. He has a channel on YouTube where he published dozens of videos showing his troubles.
The interesting thing about it is – these are not your standard “spec of dust” orbs. These change shape. Now that is quite a trick. You can see it here:

The interesting bit starts about 34 seconds into the video when an orb changes direction in mid air and then starts elongating and taking shape of a human face. This video is definitely worth a look (or two).


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