Reincarnation - James Leininger Case

James Leininger and Anne Barron. Photo copyright: Soul Survivor website
Reincarnation is a word coined from Latin prefix “re” meaning “to repeat”, and “carnis” – flesh. It is a belief that after the death of a human body a soul is re-born in another body (not necessarily human). Although this idea is in the very foundations of Hinduism, a religion of over 900 million people in India, many people are not sure what to think of it while others simply dismiss it out of hand. The case of James Leininger may at least get everyone a quick case of head scratching.



When James Leininger was 18 months old he started exhibiting an interest for and quite a knowledge of airplanes. Especially for F4U Corsair. When he was about two years old, he started suffering from nightmares.
Then he told his parents that he llived before and that his name was James Huston, that he served as a pilot on escort carrier Natoma and died when he was shot down in his – get this – F4U Corsair. His father Bruce was not too impressed by the story but was ready to investigate a bit. He brought James to meet some of the survivors from Natoma and was shocked when little James called some of them by name. Then they met Anne Barron – sister of the late James Huston. This is where things got even more interesting because the kid knew about the portraits which their mother made of them. Anne was sure noone on Earth knew about them – except her late mother and the deceased brother James Huston.
James Leininger story already made its way into a book “Sole Survivor” and a movie is on the way too. Here are some details from the news:


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