Xmas Humor - God vs. Santa List

Here is a funny little list of differences of “Santa vs. God”. You can click the image to enlarge it.
It comes from the Unreasonable Faith blog.



Note also a number of really “in-depth ” comments fitting with the list.
I especially enjoyed the one from “Digital Dame”.

I think the evidence is weighted in Santa’s favor. Consider:
Children DO receive “letters from Santa” postmarked from the North Pole where we all know he lives;
You can SEE Santa at numerous malls around the country;
You can write to Santa, and actually (albeit occasionally) actually receive what you asked for (so he grants wishes, maybe he’s a genie);
There are phone numbers you can call to hear a “message from Santa”;
The U.S. Government via NORAD, tracks his annual flight.
My money’s on Santa.


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