Spirit of Killed Priest Scares Kids

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Newspapaers in Croatia are reporting that 23 kids in a small Croatian town of Generalski Stol saw a ghost of their tragically deceased priest.



Rev. Josip Rafaj was not your average, run-of-the-mill Catholic priest even when he was alive. He was driving a 60.000 Euro (about $80.000) Volvo SUV, he was renewing his church for about 70.000 Euro (around $95.000), and people who knew him say that he was borrowing money to people at interest rates. One of the locals, in an interview for Croatian newspapers “Vecernji List” said that “After God, what he loved the most was money and women.”
Late Rev. Rafaj. Photo copyright Vecernji List
Journalists also “dag up” that the late priest was moved from his previous post because of a love affair. Bishop Mile Bogovic (surprise, surprise) says that moving to a different parish had nothing to do with any wrong-doings.
Rev. Rafaj was found dead on Palm Sunday, 16th of March 2008. He was shot in the head with a single bullet. At first, this led police to suspect a professional job, or something related to the reverends’ financial affairs. However, it turned out that the killer was Srecko Uzelac, a jelous boyfriend of 28 year old Evica Kresic who admits not only that she had an affair with late Mr. Rafaj, but in a 4 hand-written pages she gave to a journalist of Vecernji List, among other thoughts, she said:
“I don’t want to portray late Josip as perfect, he sinned as we all do, he sinned towards me, but I didn’t have any problems with forgiving him because I loved him.”
Yup, we know. World is going to hell in a hand basket.
Well, now media in Croatia reports that exactly 3 months after the death of Rev. Rafaj, 23 local children saw his ghost in the church. According to them, at around 5:45 PM when the kids were alone at the church waiting for the mass, the organ started making sounds on its own, and a ghost in brown cloak, with head covered in blood was seen walking in front of the altar eating a host. One girl was found on a floor uncouscious (girl shown in the picture at the top, outside the church where it happened).
The new priest, Rev. Vico Blekic sees the situation this way:
“It is true that children came running and that they were scared, but kids are alwas running somewhere. They said that they saw a ghost, and one girl was sitting on the floor as if she was unwell. I sent her home with the parents of another child as they just came by.”
Rev. Blekic thinks that kids just heard too many “irresponsible stories” from the adults and that is what influenced their imagination.
The opinions of inhabitants of Generalski Stol are not unanimous. Some dismiss it all as overactive fantasy of the kids, while others believe that children genuinely saw something because it is remarkable that stories of all 23 youngsters match.


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