Qigong Pyrokinesis On Thermal Camera?

Here is another video reportedly showing pyrokinesis in action. This time it is also caught on thermal camera. The generation of heat in this case is only a side-effect of a healing procedure performed by a Qigong master.
Chinese word “qi” literally means “breath” but its meaning extends to “life force” and “‘energy”, while “Gong” means work, effort or practice. The word itself is not ancient. It was coined in 20th century. As we can see in the following video, the practice of Qigong also incorporates some tools that are not of great antiquity either.



At this point I will be reserved and simply say – I wish that tin / aluminum foil wasn’t there.
Now why is that you might ask. Well, video clearly states that the foil gets emerged into water. Did you ever try placing a bit of salt acid into water? Just a bit. You wouldn’t notice anything visually or by touching but try putting foil into there and then taking it out. No Qi energy required – heat is produced by a chemical reaction.
Don’t like salt acid? Try a few drops of Draino / sodium hydroxide and you get the same effect.
I am sure this is a fine healer in action, but when it comes to heat generation in this particular case – I would love to see it done again either without tin / aluminum foil or without (or at least lithmus tested) water.


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