Pyrokinesis - Mind Controling The Fire

Pyrokinesis is a word coined from Greek words πυρ (pyr – fire), and κίνησις (kinesis – motion). It describes the ability to create, control and manipulate heat or fire. It was never scientifically proven, but a number of people reported such abilities. Among them was a prominent psychic Nina Kulagina. Here are two interesting videos on this subject.



This video gets interesting at about 1min 37 secs into the movie and then the effects continue for the rest of the duration. Even if this is a trick – it is a very interesting one. I do not claim to be an expert, but as someone who passed university level Thermodynamics I wouldn’t know how to artificially make such flame spikes without any visible equipment. Naturally, some expert in stage tricks may have found a way to do it, but in such case they usually jump up and down bragging and showing the world what they have done. In this case however – no name or face is associated with the video.

This second video is interesting because it puts to the test the theory that it’s the air currents that cause flame flickering when the hand is near it.


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