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When you enter “love spells” into any search engine, you get tons of ads and tons of links to websites that promise a lot. Every intelligent being realizes that if that was all true, then terms such as “heartbroken”, “one-sided love” or “divorce” would not exist. So what can you really expect from love spells? Here is a short insight from someone who has been into occult for about 20 years now and does not offer to cast spells for you, but just wants to explain what to expect, what to avoid and yes, below are links to some pages with actual free love spells because when you search for “love spells” on search engines, paradoxically, the “best matches” are not sites with love spells.



Love spells are a very old practice and although we will probably never know who and where started using them, the oldest ones that archaeologysts have discovered to-date are from the Ramesside period in Ancient Egypt (roughly 1000 BC). One of the oldest grimoires – The Greater Key of Solomon lists a number of love spells and recommends performing them on Friday. It even lists most favorable hours for it. Today, there is hardly any book about magic in any shape or form that doesn’t mention such spells. In this day and age one wonders if that is just a nonsense or if there is really something to it.
To deny that magic is possible is to deny every religion in the history. Every religion that ever existed claimed that there are spiritual beings and that they can influence people and events. Bible mentions Simon the Magus, the witch of Endor, and the three magi. Quran says that prophet Mohammed was once under a death spell and was saved only through divine intervention.
Old lore says that St. Cyprian of Antioch was a magician before converting to christianity and that the last spell he has cast was a love spell on St. Justina. There is also a story about St. Basil who rescued a young man. This youngster was hopelessly in love with a daughter of his master. Knowing that he, as a mere servant, had no chance with her, he went to a magician. It worked. Synaxarium tells that girl fell in love with him so bad that she

“… asked her father insistingly not to object to her marriage to that young man. Eager for his honor and fearing for her life, he married her to him.”

The only problem was that the poor fellow signed over his soul to the Devil in exchange for that girl, so St. Basil came to the rescue.
As we can see, even Christian tradition refers to love magic, but are those just stories from the times gone by or could there be something to magic and love spells? I do not think highly of all the sites that offer casting spells on your behalf with “guaranteed results” but no clear explanation of what exactly is the “guarantee” (but I’ll bet there is no money back if it doesn’t work). Still, I think we should not throw away baby with the bath water.
Some people out there are genuine. It’s just hard to tell which ones aren’t. Many experiments so far have confirmed that people, objects and plants can be influenced in ways that science cannot fully explain. Here is a quote from Hexagradior – The Bible of Magic. It is an excerpt from the chapter contrasting magic lore against current stand of science. A larger part of this chapter was published in Black Serpent magazine but I believe this short bit should be enough to shed some light on the matter and explain why “influencing people and objects” (to avoid the term “magic”) cannot be dismissed.

It is only natural that many people think in terms of – “OK, a remote controlled toy car would have been considered a magic in Middle Ages, but some things like love spells will always be magic.” In deed, even telepathy and telekinesis are still being debated and are not firmly set in the realm of science, not even to speak of things like love spells or harmful spells. But is there something to it? Is there something worthy of research in the “influence from the distance” or can we attribute all the reports of magic to trickery and fantasy? Leaving aside the terminology of what the word magic means and implies, the real question is – can one human being actually influence another in a way other than physical and can it ever be confirmed by science?
Many indications and experiments suggest a positive answer. For a start, as stated before, the telepathy and telekinesis have gained a “there is something to it” status in scientific circles. Dr. Genady Sergeyev, a neurophysiologist from Leningrad determined that Nina Kulagina can control the beat of a frog heart and stop it. Less known is a fact that she was also able to accelerate the healing of wounds. Because of such experiments and their implications, the USSR authorities gave her a fake name Nelya Mikhailova in an attempt to keep her identity a secret.
If we therefore, accept that it is possible (as can be seen on many video recordings) that a human being can move or bend objects in a non-physical way, then we also have to accept the possibility that someone can also use telekinetic abilities to influence another human being. Let’s say to influence his heart or stop it all together.
If we accept that telepathy allows human beings to send and receive images or words (as demonstrated in many experiments), then we also have to accept the possibility that someone can transfer favorable thoughts to some person, thus eliciting positive feelings for someone. As we can see, love magic and harmful magic are not so irreconcilable with science after all.
Still, one of the first scientific explanations of influence by magic is the power of suggestion or the placebo effect. Literature is full of such arguments. If some gentlemen A learns that certain lady B is casting loves spells on him, at first he will feel flattered. That much is certain. From then on other positive feelings can develop, and with a minimum of favorable conditions, it all has more than a random chance of finishing in a romantic relationship. As arid as it sounds in such laboratory terms, we must concede that this is one of the possible explanations of how some love spells worked out. Of course, working of harmful spells may be interpreted in a similar manner.
There are, however, other explanations for apparent effectiveness of some spells beyond the placebo effect. A very famous prayer study was done at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center by cardiologist Dr. Randolph Byrd. His study included 393 people who were admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack. They were all given the same top notch medical care, but in addition to that, half of them were prayed for by various prayer groups around the country. The results showed that the prayed for group had fewer deaths, faster recoveries, less intubations, and needed less medication. None of the patients were aware that they have been prayed for. This excludes the placebo effect.
Such remote influence is not limited to humans only. Dr. Robert Miller performed an experiment with the help of psychic healers Olga Worrall and her husband Ambrose. In his laboratory he was growing a rye grass. An electromechanical transducer was used to measure the microscopic growth rate of the plant. In the conditions of constant lighting, temperature and watering conditions, a rather constant growth rate in the plant of approximately 0.00625 inches per hour was recorded. Dr Miller asked the psychic couple to attempt to mentally affect the growth of one single blade of rye grass.
On the agreed date, at 9 PM, the regular prayer time of the Worralls, they prayed for the plant. This included visualizing a white light around it. Their home was over 500 miles away from the laboratory with the rye grass plant. Test equipment has recorded normal continuous growth of 0.00625 inch per hour up to 9 PM. At that time, the record began to rise and peaked at 8 AM next morning when it reached 0.0525 inch per hour. Mathematically inclined would say that this is an increase of 840 percent. This growth rate eventually decreased but never to its original level. Obviously, this can not be explained by power of suggestion because rye grass can not think and therefore can not be suggested anything. In light of this and similar experiments, it is reasonable to reach a conclusion that living beings can influence another life form in the way other than physical or by placebo.

The conclusion would be that yes, love spells and influence of mind over other minds in general are not just a story. However, it is also true that nothing works in 100% of cases. No matter how good the athletes are, they never win all the medals, no matter how good the doctors are, they never cure 100% of patients (refer to this post). The reality is that love spells won’t work every time either but generally speaking, there is something to them. Minds are not machine parts and don’t always react the same to same things. It definitely helps when spells are repeated several times. Another problem is that many frauds out there will try to take your money, so do not go lightly into offers such as “for only $X00 we will cast a love spell on anyone you want”. There are many good books out there that explain how to do a spell yourself and in my humble opinion, this is the best way to go. If for no other reason, then because you can repeat them for free as many times as needed without spending money every time you cast them. You can always resort to the professional spell casters later. Again – some of them are genuine. It is just hard to disthinguish them from the rest. In any case, you can check some of their websites and judge for yourself what impression you get from them. In each case, I recommend reading up about the matter. Along with learning about love spells, you may learn more than you expect.
If you just came looking for love spells – here are some pages with them in no praticular order:!FAB4E88E6FF04908!108.entry


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